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New Moon Vision

Moon Goddess Tray

Moon Goddess Tray

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A stunning fusion of elegance and mystic allure. Crafted with Pink Opal Stones, this enchanting tray embodies the grace and beauty of the moon. The back is cork to prevent from slipping.

Measurement:  9 1/2 x 6 1/2  

Material :  Pink Opal Stones, Mica Powder, Epoxy Resin; UV Resin and Cork backing 

The Moon Goddess Tray features a captivating waterdrop abstract motif, adding a touch of fluidity and artistry to its design. Each Pink Opal Stone has been carefully selected for its delicate pink hues and natural patterns, creating a mesmerizing visual display.

This tray is not only a functional piece but also a symbolic representation of femininity and the celestial realm. Its gentle curves and smooth surface make it perfect for displaying cherished jewelry, small trinkets, crystal collection, or even as an accent piece on its own.

Embrace the celestial energy and enhance your space with the Moon Goddess Tray. 

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