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New Moon Vision

Starry Night Sky Resin Constellation Round Tray | Celestial Decor

Starry Night Sky Resin Constellation Round Tray | Celestial Decor

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Introducing our Resin Constellation Round Tray, a celestial-inspired masterpiece that marries practicality with cosmic elegance. Crafted premium resin and color shifting powder, this tray embodies the captivating allure of the night sky, making it a stunning addition to any space.

Measurement: 8" diameter

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the cosmos with this intricately designed tray featuring a mesmerizing rendition of constellations. Each detail, meticulously embedded within the resin, mirrors the brilliance of stars scattered across the firmament. The deep, celestial hues and shimmering accents evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment, inviting you to explore the mysteries of the universe.

This versatile round tray offers a myriad of uses, serving as a functional and stylish accessory in your home. Use it as a serving platter for hors d'oeuvres during gatherings, a chic organizer for jewelry and trinkets, or a captivating display piece on your coffee table or dresser.
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